White Fillings

by craigieburn dentist


Dental Fillings

Dental filling is one of the most common procedure we perform on a daily basis. The most common reason we do fillings are:
– Dental decay
– Broken or chipped tooth
– Cosmetic dentistry

We can do fillings with difference materials, but not limited to:

– Composite resin – or commonly known as white fillings
– Amalgam – the silver filling which Craigieburn Dental Gallery seldom does.
– Ceramic – if done in ceramic instead of filling it would be called onlay or inlay. This material offers significantly better longevity than other types of fillings.
– Gold – not commonly used these days

However if the area that needs to be filled is very large or the tooth in question already has a large area of filling on it already, tooth will then start to become brittle and a full crown may be a better long term solution.